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Explore the Field of Engineering

By visiting this site, you can learn about:

Look, Listen and Explore! Here at the “Engineering Your Future” website, you can see and hear real engineers talk about their careers.

Through streaming video and audio, engineers from a variety of fields - mechanical, civil, chemical, electrical and others - will tell you their stories and answer frequently asked questions.

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Find out what engineers do, what it takes to become an engineer and learn why engineers love their jobs. What else can you find on this website?

You’ll find career-related tips for students so you can prepare yourself now for high school and college studies in engineering.

Also on this site are tips for parents, people who can help you gather more information and guide you toward a rewarding future in engineering.

So start exploring!

This Web site will help you learn more about engineering, and help you decide whether you might like to be an engineer someday.