Tips for Parents

Help guide your student along the path to success

Your student probably has high career ambitions – whether it’s programming video games, building skyscrapers and sports arenas, designing racecars, cleaning up the environment or inventing lifesaving medical devices.

But your student may not know how to reach these goals, or how much dedication will be required along the way.

You can help. Students say their parents have the most influence on their career choice, followed by friends, teachers, counselors and siblings, according to research (“School to Careers,” Iowa Public Television,

Here are a few ways to help your student get started on a successful career path:

Tip 1: Listen to your student’s dreams and ambitions.

Tip 2: Tell your student that a good education is the basis for a successful career.

Tip 3: Be involved with your student’s education.

Tip 4: Teach your student the intangibles required for success.

Tip 5: Enjoy watching your student grow!