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What is Engineering?

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Civil Engineering problems

Question #1:

You’re a construction engineer and one of your responsibilities is to estimate and schedule construction workers to complete projects. You’ve been given the job to frame a house and you know that 30 men can complete the job in 12 days if the number of working hours per day is 8.

However, you only have a construction crew of 24 workers and your contract requires that you complete the framing in 10 days. If the job is to be completed in 10 days with 24 workers, what will be the working hours per day?

Question #2:

You are a civil engineer who is responsible for building a new road. As a part of the road-building project, you must construct a concrete intersection where the new road will cross an existing road. Concrete can be made by mixing cement, sand, and gravel in the ratio 3:6:8. How much gravel is needed to make 850 cubic meters of concrete?

Chemical Engineering problem

Question #3:

An alloy of copper and silver containing 60% pure silver is mixed with another alloy, also of copper and silver containing 65% pure silver. How much of each type is needed to produce 1.2 kg of alloy containing 62% pure silver?